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February 14, 2009

Roenick Golf Reveals the World’s First Adjustable Alignment Putter

Tampa, FL – Roenick Golf ( has invented a score-breaking putter alignment technology designed to correct visual misalignment. The Crossbow Putter is the world’s first adjustable alignment putter. It conforms with USGA rules.

For most golfers, visual misalignment means missed putts. While putting, a golfer must visualize and address his intended target line. This is the line he believes to exist between the ball and the hole. Visual misalignment will cause a golfer to see this line to the right or left of his target. If a golfer strikes a 10-foot putt with the clubface 1-degee off line and does not make a stroke to compensate for misalignment, he will miss.

Roenick Golf’s patent pending Adjustable Alignment Technology™ (AAT) corrects visual misalignment. Like a rifle scope, the Crossbow Putter’s aiming device is adjusted left or right for the golfer's eye to improve accuracy. Once calibrated, the golfer will visualize and address his intended target line as usual while the clubface compensates for average visual misalignment. Now properly aligned to the target, the golfer is free to focus on stroke consistency and distance. It is simple, but effective.

The Crossbow Putter XB-10 is a mallet-style putter precision milled from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. It is the first to feature patent pending Adjustable Alignment Technology™ (AAT). The interchangeable heel-toe weight system provides custom feel and flexibility to adapt to various shaft lengths. A black anodized finish reduces sun glare and improves sightline visibility. It can be customized to meet personal specifications for both right and left handed golfers.

About Roenick Golf

Innovation. Tradition. Enjoyment. Roenick Golf manufactures high-quality golf equipment designed to improve performance for players of all skill levels. We are committed to delivering score-breaking technology while preserving golf's rich history and tradition. All current clubs conform with USGA rules.

To learn more about the Crossbow Putter or Adjustable Alignment Technology™ (AAT), please visit Crossbow Putter – Hunt the Hole!

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Eric Weitz, President
Roenick Golf, LLC