Adjustable Alignment Technology™ (AAT)

For most golfers, visual misalignment means missed putts. Many scientific theories exist to explain this common problem including eye dominance and eye convergence. While putting, golfers must visualize and address their intended target line. Visual misalignment will cause golfers to see their intended target line to the right or left of the hole. As a result, many golfers learn to make a compensating stroke to correct visual misalignment. Compensating strokes lead to inconsistent putting.

Today's popular putter alignment technologies are designed to help golfers get their eyes over the ball, address their intended target line, and influence putting stroke. Unfortunately, they all assume that a golfer can properly align to his intended target line.

Our research at Roenick Golf indicates that more than 80% of golfers have difficulty aligning to within 1-degree of their intended target line. If a golfer strikes a 10-foot putt with the clubface 1-degee off line and does not make a stroke to compensate for the misalignment, he will miss. Additionally, we observed that visual misalignment is consistent for the majority of golfers and can be corrected.

Adjustable Alignment Technology™ (AAT) corrects visual misalignment. Its unique design allows a golfer to address his intended target line while the clubface compensates for average visual misalignment. Now properly aligned to the target, the golfer is free to focus on stroke consistency and distance.


How do I adjust the putter? Is it easy?

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