Golf is a game of processes, inside of processes, inside of processes. It is a game of variables. The player’s task is to create as many constants as possible. The consumer is only interested in improved outcome not realizing many processes must first occur.

No putter corrects a bad "read", poor supporting body alignment, a moving head or body, an open or closed clubface at impact, poor pace control or just a bad putting stroke in general!

The aiming device of the Roenick Golf Crossbow Putter coordinates the player's eyes to a true target and serves as a fixed constant. The putter has excellent swing balance combined with a very stable MOI. The milled putter face enhances putting line ball traction and affords great feel as feedback to the player.

In closing, thank you for allowing me to experience your great idea and please invoice me for the putter which is in my bag and I very much enjoy using.

Sincerely yours,

E. Maurer
PGA Master Teaching Professional

I now have five rounds in using the putter. All I can see is what a great idea and thanks. I am an 8 handicap but my putting has always given me fits. I constantly missed to the right of the hole and always thought I was lined up exactly where I wanted, which obviously was not the case, even on 5 - 8 foot putts. I saw a review of your putter on The Hackers Paradise and they were saying exactly what I was going through and how this putter could help. Needless to say it has given me a new found confidence in my putting even from my very first round using it.

It used to drive me nuts to be on the green in regulation and three-putt from 20 feet at least 3-4 times a round, but now I can say that 3-putting never enters my mind. I just line it up - and the putter does the rest. I actually feel that the 10-12 foot putts that I would be in fear of, are now makeable - what a cool feeling. The alignment arrow is why I bought the crossbow - but it does have exceptional feel for me and the putts seem to get rolling right away.

Thanks for creating something that almost every golfer can use - especially those that consistently miss to one side of the hole. The crossbow is exactly what I was hoping it would be and delivers as promised.

J. Young
Naples, FL

The bottom line is that this putter works. It corrects my visual misalignment so I can concentrate on the speed of the putt and make a confident stoke rather than a tentative one. With putts accounting for close to half a golfer’s score, it’s a no-brainer to own this putter if you want to lower your handicap fast.

J. Jowett
Clearwater, FL

Does it work? It absolutely works. We took 10 golfers and had them putt with it lined up to center. Then we moved the arrow based on their first 10 balls. Despite it looking odd at setup to most at the beginning, the proof was in the results as all the golfers were putting the ball closer to the hole with the alignment adjusted.

J. Babbitt
The Hackers Paradise

Walking into any golf store and perusing the wall of putters I see similarity of design or weird looking putters built specifically to the limits of the USGA rules. All those putters tout the best feel, tightest dispersion, best roll and each will fix your putting woes. After 15 years in the club business I have found two cardinal rules about putters, (1) putters stop working after you pay for them (2) the cost of a putter bears no relationship to the quality of your putting.

I generally have great alignment before the stroke at setup. My woe was as I stroked the putt, I created an open face at impact and a square face exactly 1" after impact resulting in missed putts right at 18 inches or 18 feet. None of the magic putters on the wall fixed or even addressed my problem. Competent instruction and fittings on expensive computerized putter fitting systems provided no solution to what I perceived as a physical problem.

March 2008 enter the Crossbow Putter. It is the first USGA approved putter I know of that can actually be adjusted (in practice) in seconds to help solve alignment and stroke problems. In the first two weeks of use Team Snap/Crossbow Putter solved my putting problem. I no longer pray for the words 'pick it up' on 18" putts and there are also more of those 18 footers that go in the hole.

If you have consistent alignment or consistent directional stroke problems, consider this putter as I honestly believe this putter will help you without too much, if any, change to how you putt. I use it and will continue to do so. Make sure the Crossbow or any putter for that matter is fitted to you.

S. Smith
Tampa Golf

Picked up the putters this morning. Somehow, we managed to get 18 in this morning. I used the long putter. Shot 33-38 with 15 GIR's and 33 putts. I really like the roll with the one degree of loft and felt confident on the alignment, particularly from in close. Made all the putts your supposed to make today and burned the edge several times from 20 feet or so. Thanks again for helping me out.

T. Colston
Clearwater, FL

Great putter. Good weight. Adjustable arrow helps with alignment.

E. Kerper
Clearwater, FL